The Self

The circle (particularly if divided in four quadrants), the square and a mandala are symbols for the Jungian archetype of the Self as they are the Sun and the Moon. It gives the idea of a coherent whole, for example comprising what there is of concious and unconcious in our lives.

In Jungian psychology, we spend half our lives constructing our individuality, our Ego, at the center of our consciousness. We then reverse this process to understand that we are in fact part of the whole not only of human kind and the cosmos but we should as well integrate consciousness and the unconcios: this balance integration of our individuality and the otherness is the Self. 

The Self should come with simple madurity and, of course, meditation can also help at any age to give a no-boundary idea of place and time, as well as love-making, orgasm, and other altered states of mind.

I modestly feel some sort of rapture, a glimpse of the Self, after playing a couple of tough squash games and feeling like fainting; and therefore, you don't need much imagination to ponder that there must be some flirting with the Self while skiing, sky-diving, caving, surfing, running, dancing...

1. Feeling great, feeling a whole with everything,

2. Show Business, Premiers, Conferences, Teaching,

3. Sports and Physical Activity,

4. Sexuality, Tantric Love,

5. Meditation, Dreams, Lucid Dreams and other Visions -natural or induced,

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6. OBE,

7. Other Altered States of Consciousness,

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