Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newaza - a real experience

Unit 6 of Voices deals with Extreme Sports, we had all agreed that trying out parachuting in Costa Brava would've been great but, it was a little bit over our budget, so we had to make do with a session of Newaza, which properly played forces everybody to an extreme all-out effort and you can take my word for it because i personally confronted some of my students in a ground randori, and can asure you they were fit!!

this is my suggestion to other teachers willing to enjoy the thrill of fighting their own kids in a safe way, without getting hurt, also enjoying the view of your own students fighting each other with the satisfaction that they shouldn't hit each other; that is, channalizing their aggressivity in a positive manner.

I first asked them to connect to my blog and answer these questions:

  1. what is the purpose of the activity?
  2. what is a randori?
  3. what is the sequence of activities we will follow?
  4. translate this activity. Use the automatic translator if you need it but, format the document like this: one line in Spanish, another line in English making sure the translation makes sense.
  5. send your documents to my e.mail.
Afterwards we went to the gym and these are some pictures taken from the activity, hope you enjoy them and motivates you to try the experience with your own class, if you do, let me know how it went. thank you.


  1. JUDO

    Crear un buen ambiente de grupo incrementando la variedad de actividades; Create a good group atmosphere increasing the range of activities;
    romper una situación de monotonía o tensión; respeto a las normas y al adversario; break a monotony or stress situation;  respect for the rules and the opponent;
    canalización positiva de la agresividad; salud, equilibrio psíquico, autoestima, etc... positive channeling of aggression, health, psychological balance, self-esteem, etc..
    dirigido a grupos clase de educación primaria, secundaria y esplais, así como de re-educación, class groups aimed at primary, secondary and esplais and re-education,
    integración y prevención de situaciones marginales en entornos como prisiones, integration and prevention of marginal situations in settings such as prisons,
    centros de menores, centros de rehabilitación, de drogodependientes, etc... juvenile facilities, rehabilitation centers, drug addicts, etc ...

    Un randori de suelo consiste en un combate de agarre entre dos luchadores cuyas reglas son así de senzillas:
    A ground randori is a gripping battle between two fighters whose rules are that straightforward:
    1. 1. mantén como mínimo una rodilla sobre el tatami en todo momento; hold at least one knee on the mat at all times;
    1. 2. agarra a tu oponente de la ropa para desequilibrar y tirarle; grab your opponent off balance and throwing clothing;
    3. 3. mantén su espalda contra el suelo durante 15”; keep your back against the floor for 15 "

    * Escoger entre los diferentes tipos de estiramientos y flexiones, 10' Choosing between different types of stretching and bending, 10 '
    * Escoger dos tipos de inmovilizaciones y como salir de ellas y practicarlas con al menos dos parejas diferentes, 15' Choose two types of assets and how to get out of them and practice with at least two different partners, 15 '
    * Serie de randoris con tres oponentes diferentes 15' Randoris Series with three different opponents 15 '

  2. This is a wonderful experience from another teacher, thanks Tomas for sharing it.