Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Archetypal Book - How to turn an old worn-out Boot into a Bookbinding Cover!

Well, you need an old boot, cut off the authentic or synthetic leather -as it is the case here- and produce a flat surface integrating buckles, tapes, rings and other decorations from the original boot. Then, proceed like in any usual bookbinding.

This was the final outcome of the process, it was great.

Archetypal Book - Bookbinding of old broken agenda

The original Moleskin agenda busted at the seams because of the amount of pictures, collages and other materials stuck on the pages; so I cut off the original threads holding together the one-day per page book until I got a timeless but orderly sequence of pamphlets or signatures which I stiched together; then I wrapped it up with these hard corck-like covers. Good enough for me this final result - not as professional as the one I ordered for the same reason to El Taller Del Libro where I once voluntered for a couple of months and is shown on the left side.

It's been a good practice!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Archetypal Book - and Book Binding as a Spell

This is the process followed to create this book binding:  Sheets of paper are folded in groups of eight units -signatures- that are sewn together to form the book block, which is then glued up to the leather covers.

The sewn side of the book is usually covered with a piece of paper or material -although if sewn properly is beautiful to show off. I believe in Japanese bookbinding tradition threads are left uncovered.

I made a template in paper before trying it out on the leather skin.

Preparing the leather cover.

Final result on the left side together with other bookbindings of mine, except the one on the top right corner which was bought as a model.

Same bookbinding opens quite well.

A previous bookbinding an my current agenda.

the one I purchased.

Another book binding with some artwork on the cover.

Another bookbinding with hard covers and leather,

My latest bookbinding projects.