Tuesday, March 20, 2012

IT Program with Wixaritari, Mexico - op


    - 75 different tribes
    - 68 recognized languages
  • The wixaritari (los huicholes)
  • - population: about 26,000- bilingual
  • religion: shamanism, animism

The wixaritari game

You are going to take part in a project for the wixaritari.
Each table prepares a team.

- 1 leader (all group decides who is going to be the leader)

- 1 member is not allowed to join the team (leader has to tell him/her in a formal way). He/she will be the “storekeeper / shopkeeper”.

- The rest must buy “things” from the other stores. To get them, use sentences using expressions from the “Let's Chat” sheet given out in class:

- Well constructed sentences are the coins for trading. The shopkeeper decides their correctness.

  • pick up, round up, dig up, get hold of,...
  • sort out, rank out,...
  • check, check it out, double check, make sure, dig it up,...

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