Saturday, January 29, 2011

making sense - dando sentido

divendres passat, aula d'idiomes, un tercer, acabar activitats i continuar GLOGSTER personal
Hay dias que parece que todo tenga sentido, que los chavales tengan ganas de trabajar, acabar las actividades del libro de texto y continuar con su GLOGSTER personal que despues podran compartir y explicar a todos. Este viernes pasado fue uno de tantos otros y queria dejar constancia para recordarlo en sesiones mas dificiles.

Some days, it looks like everything makes perfect sense, youngsters feel like working, finish their text book activities and complete a GLOGSTER which they can share and present to everybody. This last Friday was one of so many and i just wanted to leave a written record to remember in more difficult sessions to come.

May, 27

Otro de esos dias que parecen que todo tenga sentido y, además, ilustra mi concepto personal de clase perfecta: los chavales trabajando las actividades que tocan, preguntando cuando tienen dudas y en los cinco o diez ultimos minutos de clase, compartiendo sus aficiones.

Another of those days it all makes sense which, besides, illustrates my concept of a perfect class: kids working on those activities we have to, asking when in doubt and the last five or ten minutes, sharing  crazes.

Recuerdo que hace unas clases, dos de mis alumnos trajeron una moto pequeña a clase con la intencion de desmontarla y mostrar los componentes del motor, y ahora no recuerdo si hicimos fotos. Prepare la cancion de Grease Lightning de John Travolta en Grease para justificar la actividad.

I remember a couple of weeks ago, two of my students brought a small motorbike to class with the purpose of showing the motor parts, and now I can't bring back whether we took pictures of it. I prepared the song Grease Lightning singing John Travolta in Grease to justify the activity.

June, 9th

Last day of classes, last two morning hours. Students had just finished an exam, but we have two one-hour sessions together. Most of them had already finished their class assignments and just a few of them were still working on their magazine project. A relaxed atmosphere, the prelude of summer holidays. Then this guy came over and asked me: What can I do? and it took me a little bit off guard, this kid didn't have enough work to do all year long! so I thought on my feet what else could he do, came up with this idea, looked into his eyes and told him

 I have the perfect job for you -I went and he doubted- good as you are I'll give you a chance to become teacher for a while and grade the exams we just finished. Here you have them, and a red marker and you can sit at my desk.

I thought he would decline politely, but he accepted my offer, moreover, soon I had a bunch of guys grading exams. One girl asked me permission for the class to leave already to the schoolyard, as long as you all wanna go, it's all right with me, I replied, she asked that aloud to everybody, but most of them liked what they were doing.

In fact, they started playing the music really loud and dancing in the class; and since we were far away from the other classes, it didn't bother anybody. I wanted to take a discrete picture of my kids at work, voluntary work, this last session, with their backs at me, but they noticed and they all wanted to pose. Then they left for the last time, but I remained in there for a while with a sense of wonder and admiration absolutely certain that each generation finds their way around and come finally on top.

Soon, this will be just a memory, like a dream, 

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