Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simbad movie transcripts

SIMBAD, The Legend of the Sea

Sinbad: Pirate-Captain of the Chimera
Proteus: Prince
Marina: Proteus’ fiance
Kale: First Officer on the Chimera.
Eris: Goddess of Discord.
Rat: Crew member
Li Brothers: Crew members
King Dumas: Proteus’ father.
Spike: dog pet

Wake up, my beauties.
Rise and shine.
It's a brand-new day,
and the mortaI worId
I pull one tiny thread,
and their whole world unravels into chaos.

Glorious chaos.
And what could be more
perfect than this?
A noble prince,
a priceless treasure,
and a black-hearted thief.

You know what to do.

Gentlemen, this is
what we've been waiting for. The most precious treasure is on its way to Syracuse. It's a shame
it'll never get there.
After today, we retire to Fiji.

Let's get rich!

Sinbad movie transcripts

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