Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free English Language Course on Comparative Semantics

Actually, this research on comparative semantics English/Spanish, Sp/En, was completed some years ago, Language and Identity and Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries were the result of that research, presented at several conferences and recentely published by Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany under the title Lady Liberty. Judith Willis, responsible for the Dictionary Division of Oxford University Press, once took the proposal from Barcelona Branch Office, where it was submitted to England. A few years ago, K11 and K12 students from IES Casablanca  of Sabadell did same research with very similar results. Therefore, it could be a good idea to suggest the same investigation to my students of next school year, and once more, any other institution or individual is welcome to join us in our effort.

The objectives of this research is obtaining percentages of true cognates, partial cognates and false friends between both languages, English and Spanish, based on the corpus provided by a good dictionary, to be decided.

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