Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oral Presentation - Personal

Alba Iulia University

XII Conference on Sports Medicine (Seville 2009),
Ladder Workouts

IX Conference on Women's Studies (Madrid 2009), 
Orgasm and Nirvana in  Female Representation

54th ILA Conference (New York 2009),
Using ICT to recreate a Private Tuition Environment in a Multi-functional Classroom
Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries

1st Conference on Spanish and Portuguese Studies (Philadelphia 2008), 
Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries

32nd Spanish Associaction of American and British Studies Conference (Mallorca 2008), 

Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries

1st. Conference on Intercultural Issues (Alba Iulia 2008), 
LiveScripts and Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries

1st Ibero-American Summit on Sports Education (La Habana 2008), 
Ladder Workouts
Urban and School Orchards in Physical Education

VI Conference on Sports Education (Barcelona 2008).
Ladder Workouts

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