Sunday, March 18, 2012

Torpeza Ritmika Street Performance

Francisco and Rossi are two street performers, i saw them for the first time last week and did not occur to me to take a picture of their very original performance. So this Sunday morning i thought i could drop by and see wether they'd be acting out a number that reminds of The Vetruvian Man from Leonardo Da Vinci, even better, a man and a woman spinning, dancing, struggling inside a wheel was a perfect metaphore of vital cycles, of life, of Gender Parity, of balance and equality, of the Via Lactea turning around.

So i was really happy when i saw them sitting down on the stairway infront of the harbour.

Are you going to perform later?

Yes, we are.

I saw you last week and would like to take a few pictures of you, d'you mind?

Not of course,

i have this possible college publication and i had thought that perhaps i could include your performance.

Cool. What's about?

You know The Da Vinci Code? Your number recalls Leonardo's picture of the Vetruvian Man.

Some other by-standers have already pointed it out, so...

Well, i gave one chapter of the novel to each of my students and they wrote composition on each of the chapters, then, i'll put them all together, as if in a non-fiction book to publish, eventually...

that's an original idea.

Don't know for sure if it will be published though...

well, just be honest, and put your positive energy into the project, then, everything will work out by itself, friendship, professionals, even money...

thanks for the advice, i try... perhaps, i have a Karma to pay for though

even in that case, be positive...

i know, i know...

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