Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Terrassa-Sabadell and Sunset

i thought it was only me, the sight from the top of La Mola was particularly overwhelming a few days ago, but i heard some hikers actually making that comment, and someone even pointed it out to me. i just couldn't remember such a green countryside any other summer end, actually beginning of fall, the contrast with the blue skies made it very unique. Unfortunately i had forgotten my camera, lucky me this guy was taking pictures along the way down, i asked him whether he would mind sharing them with me and he didn't. he sent me some copies and i want to thank him for his help to remind me about such a greak hiking and moment. i also felt quite complete at the time. almost as if i had finished a lifetime and were at peace with myself.

Soc l'Oriol de la Mola, et passo un parell de les millors fotos que he fet avui com haviem dit! Que vagi be!!

Oriol López - manager at OLC Barcelona Music

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