Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Young Ones - Demolition transcripts

While you can find all transcripts from The Young Ones in, I went to the trouble of picking up this one and cutting down the fourteen original pages to simply four just by taking off everything except characters's innitials, dialogues and organizing the text in three columns with a 10'5 type size. I usually print it out on both sides of a DIN A3 sheet of paper and ask my  students to fold it up in half which gives the appearance of a magazine. I might have saved you about an hour and a half of work, but reading it like this should be more appealing for everybody. Now it is easier to drum up a few comprehension questions if you want to, or simply enjoy reading and watching it.

Students are expected to read through them on weekends and we watch a fragment of the tv series  the last ten or fifteen minutes of one of the classes of the next week. We believe it is a funny way to improve listening skills which students are likely to keep up even after they have finished their courses because it should be pleasant.

Often, the general population of countries not dubbing foreign movies are said to have better listening and speaking skills in FL. In some cases, like Sweden or Holland, such improvement may be due to other deeper structural reasons like high GDP, a reduced demography, an effective educational system, more similar germanic roots, etc... but some other cases, like Portugal or Greece, watching movies in original version looks like the only linguistic resource to justify such a practical command of a foreign language.

So enjoy reading it.

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