Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Anker Blocks - Mandalas and Mosaics as packing plans and Artwork.

There are mosaic games designed for that purpose. However, with Anker stones sets, this is an added feature, and with hundreds of different stone designs the possibilities to create them are enourmous. These are some examples. I think I can see a Tibetan Mandala, Templars Crosses, Buddhist Wheels, a very Masonic All Seeing Eye, a Flower of Life, the Vesica Piscis, a representation of the seven Chakras and a kind of curve Svastica.

Future mandala-like placking plans include improving the Tibetan Mandala which also has a 3D version, that is, a recreation of the Potala Temple- Spirals could be interesting to recreate considering the different size of the many arches; also, an Illuminatti's All Seeing-Eye coming out of the top of a pyramid like portraid in dollar bills and a Flower of Life at a large scale.

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