Saturday, January 8, 2011

Avenida Diagonal - Barcelona

Paco Rabanne's version of Ginormica

A huge beautiful tree right across Ginormica

Such a nice statue! a pity it is too far for anybody to admire

the sun shining through the branches of this gorgeous tree

This picture reminds me of the female negative prints recently found at El Castillo and la Perche caves

another nude statue at a building's hall

very cute both of them

A contest of drawing for kids

L'Illa. bonsais for sale

Modern version of The Triple Goddess and The Three Graces -  an image at least three thousands years old or young, don't you think?

Stars Wars everlasting, this image is also seven thousands years old.

Meneads were Baccus's or Dionysus's priestesses in Roman and Greek culture two or three thousands years ago

 found this fragment very suggestive, don't know why. any suggestion?

everybody's alter ego

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