Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hair Rubbers and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

First International Contest on Mobile Photography and their stories.

Se trata de combinar los elementos cotidianos de casa de manera que la imagen resultante pueda sugerir un significado o una historia. La actividad resulta imaginativa y divertida. Ademas, estas fotografias pueden servir para estimular la produccion literaria.

Just put together quotidian elements found at home or nearby to suggest a meaning or a story. It is creative and fun. Besides, these pictures can further stimulate literary production.

These are tags from the conferences i attended hanging up from a window, and hair rubbers of all shapes and colors found everywhere, remind me of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

Witches from Final Fantasy

safe, rubbick cubes, bullet, books and girl

Dominican Goddess, Samurai and Isis. Samurai is taking care of both or so he says,


These puzzle trees are from Sweden. They are magic, you are supposed to take away a piece and wrap it up with a paper in which you have written a wish. the wish will come true so that you can return the missing piece to complete the puzzle.

mostly library books

Shreck and Yoda

Carnival Mask watching over Christ's birth

Budha, an example of enlightment to follow

second best at squash at UAB about five years ago

we bought it in Cambrils a few summers ago

Stuff i come across

A mother a child got burnt with a candle i put too close. when we realized it was a bit late! but i still like the figurine

This pair of leather shoes were bought in Andorra


  1. Oww, ya veo que hay un monton de cosas interesantes por aqui xD

  2. gracias Nekoal97 por el cumplido.
    esto tambien sirve para compartir historias.

    si te apetece, bienvenido.