Sunday, April 10, 2011

Massage - giving each other a rub.

Second part of Newaza experience was meant to be a relaxation session in which students would provide the soft music and burning sticks to create a nize atmosphere, then, a pair of expert students would come out infront of everybody and perform a massage session for everybody to follow.

Meanwhile, I would keep time of the sequence of body parts to work on. We had agreed to start with someone's feet, legs, back, arms and hands with the students receiving the massage lying on the floor on his/her tommy; then, he-she would sit down to have his/her head, scalp and face rubbed; and finally changing turns.

But we didn't have time to complete both activities in the same session, so we had to put off the massage part; however, these girls from one of the groups just couldn't wait and improvised this never-seen-before rubbing train.  I hope to complete this entry with the massage session from everybody, that is, if they finish their class assignments and homework.

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