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Collaborative Writing and Guided Compositions

Collaborative Writing and Guided Compositions

1.pick up paragraphs, copy and paste, then adapt the text to suit your needs,
2.formal writing style with some informal expressions to jazz it up-no contractions
3.Please use TimesNewRoman type of 12
4.print it out and deliver by December 12/13
5.introduce ammendments and rename document as DVC- FirstNameLastName 5ABC – chapter
6.send to with name of document as subject

Syntactic and Style Analysis of Chapter …............ from
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

This three-page chapter describes Character's struggles to run away from.../discover the truth/reveal the identity/accomplish his objective of (gerund)

 (Name of character) (describe action) in this short/long fast-paced chapter, taking place in... and involving as well (name of other characters).

The action of this chapter takes place in …., is described from the point of view of (name of character) and involves as well (name of other characters). The chapter deals with... and its most striking/surprising aspect is...

 As compared to the film, this chapter is included in one scene/takes a few seconds/minutes/is omitted.

 I loved/liked/disliked/loathed Tom Hanks' interpretation of symbologist Robert Langdon, as well as Audry Tautou in the role of cryptographer Sophie Neveu. It is interesting to see/I just can not believe that topics such as the holy grail, the supposed marriage between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, their descendence, the sacred femenine, etc... have stirred up/provoked the interest of millions of readers from all walks of life/ranging from scholars, critics, christians, etc...

At a linguistic level, the vocabulary that I found more interesting/practical/exotic for personal use in compositions or conversations is … (no more than ten-include them with a synonimous or short definition).

The most unusual syntactic structures spotted/found in this chapter were coordinate/subordinate/conditional/passive/subjunctive sentences (write a note and include the examples at the end of the composition).

Other topics researched here included are /From all topics of research suggested/, my focus of interest has been on.../my personal preferences led me to analyse...

verb tenses,
sentence types,
connectors, including conditional sentences,
gerund clauses,
phrasal or prepositional verbs,
use of prepositions as connectors,
transposition of clauses, use of adjuncts,
direct speach/indirect speech,
figures of speech,

I selected/preferred these researching topics because I need to impove my speaking command of the foreign language, not only for my job and education but also for holidays; besides, I think that good speaking skills will bring about an immediate improvement of the rest of skills, being listening or even grammar/

I selected/preferred these researching topics because I need to improve my writing skills in college; besides, I feel more secure with a good understanding of grammar, that is, how a language works and what are the rules before practicing orally/

Since I read the novel and watched the film, and since I have also read the rest of novels by this same author, Angels and Demonds, Deception Point, The Lost Symbol, I can also compare style and plot structure or the differences between the book and the film/

Since I dislike this kind of teasing novels but empty of good literature, I have compared syntactic and grammar features with the same characteristics in my favourite kind of novel/ what it is believed to be a master piece of world literature/

These are the elements recounted which were found from a total of ….......... units or sentences of chapter …........

list of elements and numbered notes (if you din't do it before),

Therefore, my research seems to/ does not seem to confirm our hypothesis.

Place and date

copy a selection of examples from the novel in italics.

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