Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oral Presentation - Live Cooking Show

Berry Mousse by Xavier

Our Cook/Speaker did a wonderful job, first, he prepared a very professional Power Point presentation and explained the main points of this appliance, and then he actually whipped up a dish: a berry mousse! absolutely divine.

But another student, a guy, could not resist the temptation to crack an easy sexist joke: 

too many buttons for a any man to handle! 
don't you think? 

and we all laughed about it. Then, to top it off, he added:

I still can't figure out 
how you managed to get the white of the eggs!! 

all right guys, 
next topic for an oral composition will be how to crack an egg,

was my modest contribution; at which point we were all rolling down the aisles and i took this picture above.

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