Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oral Presentation - Genetics

Genetics is the study of the nature, organisation, function, expression, transmission and evolution of the genetic data which is coded in the organisms.
It tries to solve two of the biggest mysteries of biology:
What makes a species what it is?
What causes variation within species?

 Chromosome: extremely long and organized DNA molecules
Gene: Section of DNA which encodes for proteins related to a functiu It can replicate, mutate and generate form.

Genotype: genetic content of an organism, hereditary factors.
Phenotype: noticeable physical qualities of an organism, including morphology, phisiology and conduct.

Phenotype: It can change depending on the enviroment where the individual develops. There are three ways of producing a phenotype, depending on the influence of the environment.

Classical Genetics: gene transmission and localization in the chromosomes.
Molecular Genetics: gene structure and control of its expression
Evolution Genetics (population genetics): changes in gene frequencies within a population.
Genomics: genome analysis and interpretin.

Where are we going?
Discover of DNA sequencing methods (Walter Gilbert and Frederick Sanger)
Human Genome project (2001);
1000 human genomes project;
Genome analysis: bioinformatics;
Genomics era.

so... hold on to your hats!!

- Can DNA sequences be copyrighted?
- Yes, they can.

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