Monday, March 5, 2012

Cape Town - South Africa - Oral Presentation


I’ve divided my presentation in two blocks:

1st – South Africa – History and recommended tourist destinations.

2nd- South African Languages – The most spoken languages and their own English, slang and accents.

1st- I would like to present South Africa as a tourism destination. Further more I would like to introduce you her history from the dutch domain, afterwards as a British colonial, the segregation system, generally known as apartheid, on 1948 and the election of Nelson Mandela as a president.

Most recomanded activites:

Game viewing experience
Cage diving with white sharks
Garden Route and Wine tasting
Dutch architecture
Cape town – Mountain table – District six

isn’t it cute?


LIFT – Elevator
Dankie- Thank you
ROBOT – Traffic light
Howzit - how is it
connection - a friend
pull in - to come along
China - a friend
Hundreds -  good or fine
Boer – A farmer
braai - a barbecue, to barbecue (from braaivleis grilled meat), used as a mainstream word in South African English
Biltong – dried raw meat, made from beef, venison or ostrich
Chuck- depart, leave, go
Park off- chill out –sit down and relax

To learn more:
To listen south african accent:

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