Friday, March 2, 2012

Oral Presentation - LipDub

ORAL PRESENTATION, by Sergi Martínez
MARCH, 1st, 2012

1. - Presentation; What are we going to do now in 10’? = RECORDING A LIP DUB

2. -Explanation: What’s a Lip Dub? Recorded one-shot’s film where characters are moving their lips as the song that is hearing in the ambient and also moving their bodies in a synchronized choreography.

3. - Materials: camera, CD player, one handkerchief for each person.

4. - Group Activity:
4.1. - Cameraman (Mingo) begins to record with a general scene: The entire group in a big circle in the classroom: hit twice both thighs with two hands and one vigorous clap of the hands (eight times).

4.2. - Cameraman keeps on recording the first plane of each face of each person: Say the own name by order (one name each twice hit of the thighs) till all the group have finished. When a person finish with his role goes to the end of the classroom and keeps on hitting and clapping very close with the rest of the group. 
4.3. - While the entire group keep on hitting and clapping, all of them begin to talk the lyrics loudly the end of the classroom very close, together:

“We are the fifth group of English level
and we are enjoying ourselves more than ever.
We are in the Official School of Languages
and we are always shaking our handkerchiefs.
We are the fifth
We are the fifth
We are the fifth
We are the fifth!”

3.4. - First, second and third “We are the fifth” people are free to move and, at the end of the song, everybody throws the handkerchiefs up and enjoy!

(anybody not enjoying pays a round of drinks and I mean it!!)

5. - Finally, we can upload the published film edition in the internet and got a souvenir of the group. As well, you can practise this activity with your students in your job.

6. - Thanks ever so much for your help and, is there any question?

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