Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dreams - first assignment - Altar Picture

Like Jordi mentioned in a recent e.mail, the dream honored last session with you guys was this one in which:

 i saw my mother, young again breastfeeding me at eight months old. She looked at her baby  then at me walking by, as if i were her husband -my father- and she smiled amused at the miracle of life. It was quite real and a beautiful experience.

My mother is now in a wheelchair at eighty-something. Now, when i see her, instead of pity or sadness, this dream helps me out to love her and to cheer her up in her condition.

That was the topic of my haiku:   mum suckles me and smiles.

That was also the motif of my sculpture last session, a breastfeeding goddess of the paleolithic. as you can see, it's not the first time i model one, the other venus i made was an example for my students to follow in an attempt to illustrate other prototypes of female beauty and. therefore, avoid bulimia and anorexia.

Sea shells and sea star are intended to represent the NIGHT SEA or the unconscious in Jordi's methodology ;

Then, my new bookbindings stand for the LIGHTFUL DAY, implying the recollection of the experience in the night sea and the interpretation;

While those broad beans (just picked) and eggs (just laid) are obviously intended to illustrate the TRANSFORMING SEEDING,

I guess this vegetable garden as a whole is another metaphore for this methodology, from a seed in the ground (unconsciousness) and growth ouside the soil (lightful day) to bearing the fruit (transforming seeding).

As i'm taking a look at my notes on our sculptures of first session, the clock, cave, hand, monolith, the chaos of churros and the sea horse remind me of first stage of dreamwork, Night Sea.

While the complexity of the rest of scultptures, the cup with teeth, the cup shaping a cross, the piramid, the scream (two arms and a mouth), the three pieces and the pizza remind me of the third stage of dreamwork, Transforming Seeding.

Finally, about this Altar, Spiderman. As you know he got bitten by one and since then on, he has these supernatural powers. i believe we are all stung by the insects of our circumstances, and our challenge is to turn the poison of our painful experiences into the source of personal satisfaction and professional success.  (about Spiderman holding this phalic broad bean: my countryman (we go dutch) caught me red-handed fixing up this altar at eight in the morning today Sunday and he laughed at me suggesting this image; i found it funny and accepted his suggestion).

About the mask, a school assignment every year, i lied down on a desk, and this student of mine carefully spread layers of plaster on my face, it dried up and i painted it like this. A wonderful experience and very significant. The way i understand it, we spend the three first pre-personal fulcrums of our life constructing the self -whose partial symbol could be a mask-, the next three personal fulcrums wearing our mask and the three last transpersonal fulcrum diconstructing our mask and taking it off. Therapy and an integral lifestyle should ease up that process.

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