Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to everybody

 That was the night sky over BCN on November 17 as seen from Vallvidrera, one of my favorite spots to sit down, relax and watch the shore line from Casteldefells to Maresme.

Then some of my last classes of last year, a winged bird goddess of Senorbi, a Venus of Dolni -a very successful model indeed among girls and guys alike for its obvious ambivalence as both female and male symbol. Then, a curious mixture of two venuses of Willendorf and a snow man, a pizza and a sausage. I thought it would be interesting to take pictures of these spontaneous creations as they might reveal some unconscious needs, a process to maturity most likely.

Next pictures show three different numbers during our End-of-Term festival, a dancing performance, guitar playing concert and a duo singing, all of them quite professional and delightful.

That same day, we had a teachers' dinner at a superb restaurant nearby. This gigantic renaissance face seemed to be watching over us like a big brother and for that reason I took a picture of it. Then, this other original oil painting was next to our table, looked like she was saying some hidden message and I tried to listen to it.

Finally, the Goddess of Fortune visited a near village so here it is. Last picture is precisely the same Goddess of Fortune disguised as my fireplace.


  1. This text explains different things, one of them explain that we did different things to the last day of course,before the Christmas, another part explains that the teachers of the school made a wonderful dinner in a restaurant.

    These photos show us that the diferents thing that made the last day of school before the Christmas.

    I liked that day because it was the last day of the course before the Christmas and I was very happy.I really enjoyed in this day.

  2. Make clay figures was fun for a long time. I did that clay figures

  3. The activities was great. I really liked it.

    Esta entrada de blog a estado muy bien , aunque a estado un poco aburrido tienen futuro.

    Las fotos estan muy bien tomadas a pesar del movimiento.

    Me a gustado muncho todo esperoque se vuelva a repetir. ACSB

  5. Esta entrada trata del concierto y los bailes que hicieron unos estudiantes el pasado 22 de diciembre, además de que era el ultimo día del instituto del 2010, y unas manualidades que también hicieron algunos alumnos.

    Esta imagen muestra algunos cantantes y guitarristas que tocaron para nosotros, y, como he dicho antes, algunas manualidades que creo que son parecidas a unas figuritas prehistóricas.

    Desde mi punto de vista el concierto estubo bién aunque hubo algunos fallos técnicos, sin embargo, todos estubieron radiantes.

  6. Me ha gusta do mucho porque se lo han currado mucho, y se nota.

  7. hoolaa..nos han gustadoo las fotoos, sobre todoo las nuestras...gracias y adiios...:D

    Anna, Paulaa, chrsitian....3ESO B