Thursday, February 2, 2012

V EASLCE - Yague Speaks

Eruptive Dialogues,  Disruptive Discourses

Yagüe Speaks

The American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 and the Amendments of 1994 under President Bill Clinton granted indians the right to use psychoactive cactus peyote for ceremonial purposes, a practise recalling the consumption of soma among the Indo-Iranians and the Mithraic Misteries of Rome -perhaps preserved today in the Eucharist liturgy so well portrayed in Hair. On these regards, the Tree of Knowledge might well stand as a symbol for both the Neolithic revolution and the primal cause -in the shape of an amanita muscaria, for example- of our linguistic capability and abstract thought just like Terence McKenna suggests.

Therefore, not only does nature in the form of ayahuasca speak but also shouts the disolution of boundaries and the unity with everything -beyond the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants in our interchange of oxigen and dioxid. The vomits paved the way to orgasmic sighs and the fractal patterns evolved into living entities whose silent message spoke of Jung's collective unconscious or Gaia's consciousness directing our paths of warriors, like in a school of fish or flock of birds, towards -figurative and literally- a single world army.

Only Unity will liberate us from the chains of anxiety, insatisfaction, fear and consumism on which biased publicity pray. If folk tales of Snowhite and Cinderella hide the rebirth of the sacred feminine, Tom and Jerry encarnate the new balance of ying/yan and The Dancing Trees of Walt Disney's Fantasia 2000 echo this experience: Nature has a will of her own.

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