Saturday, July 25, 2015

Anker Blocks - Santa Maria del Naranco - Archetypal Temple

Santa Maria del Naranco, Oviedo, Asturias (Spain) was built in the IX century in Pre-Romanesque style and has always fascinated me as many others, I just intended to recreate the North Eastern side -walls, arcades, windows, buttresses, stairway and access hall. The scale is 1:25.

Number three in cristianity is obviously related to the Mistery of the Trinity, in which the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one in God; likewise, in numerology symbology, number three represents the balance between the polarity or dichotomy of life; that is, the integration of the pairs of opposed terms, good and evil, life and death, day and night, man and woman, that apparently constitute our world.

On these regards, and besides the use of the Golden Ratio, the three main arcades of the central floor is a pattern repeated over and over again in the upper and lower levels, in the Western facade, in the walls between the balconades and the main nave, in the whole planning of the entire construction, in the transept and the three arcades of the access hall. We might say that the temple constitutes a fractal representation of the universe to add to the symetrical and vertical beauty surrounding the misterious authorship of the construction.

It is mostly agreed that it was a recreational palace, and on these regards it might be worthy to point out the similarity between the crypt and a mythraeum.

Santa María del Naranco: Detalle de la estructura de la nave inferior

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