Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pilgrims Course on Multiple Intelligences

Hi everybody,

a pleasure to hear from you from time to time. such good memories! hummmmmm, all those oysters at Whistable festival,

congratualitions Natalia for your translation work, Fanni for your teaching assignment, sounds great, keep us posted,

congratulations Susan for your TAC assignment as well,

thank you Chaz for joining us, it's very reassuaring to see you here chipping in and congratulations for your conference, did you choose the topic? is that your first one as a guess speaker? 

Well, guys you were talking about changes, weren't you? what about this?  i've been given a vocational teaching vacancy this year,

Anthropological basis of Social Work
Learning theories
Social-Affective Development

i was scared stiff at first (for that reason i didn't say anything before) but after ten days of classes, i think i'll manage, i might even have to translate the course and do the teaching in English in a couple of years.

do you think i'll be able to represent the neuronal connections, simple and complex, that characterizes Piaget's stages of Cognitive Developement by means of Break Dance steps with students passing on their swing to others?

or would it be better if they simply tickle themselves, first in pairs, then in groups of three and four?

i'll tell you, meanwhile any help or suggestion, is welcome.

anyway, enjoy as much as possible, it's all we'll take with us,


this video is from my last class

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